TecDash is a German company that has committed itself to the development, production and marketing of innovative technologies.

     That is why we rely on a strong network of experts, which we have been able to build and optimize over the years. The influence of knowledge from the fields of technology, Internet and design allows us to produce products with added value and uniqueness in a timely manner.

     With our company headquarters in Dusseldorf / Germany and Nanjing / China, we combine the well-founded development work with European specifications with sophisticated production processes at competitive prices.

     We have always stood up to the challenges we were faced with.

     Innovations are therefore always associated with experiences that lead to a new product. Be it manufacturing or sales.              

     TecDash, in addition to top designers from Europe and Asia, as well as technology experts from Silicon Valley, also rely on sales points in over 70 countries with hundreds of dealers. Together we realize the new developments for those for whom we are committed day by day: satisfied customers.


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